Terrifying or Awesome? The Four-Legged Jumping “Cheetah” Robot

It is the first of its class: an awesome four-legged jumping robot who can clear obstacles without direct commands from the programmer – but it is also the stuff of nightmares, if ever you imagine just what would happen if this one gets in the hands of a criminal.

Now, this robot was created by engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To be able to jump and clear obstacles, the robot has the ability to calculate the upcoming obstacle and re-adjust its pace without stopping. Inspired by a cheetah, this robot does look like a four-legged large cat; though they might have to work on its exterior to make this “cheetah” robot look more sleek than scary.

As ScienceRach pointed out, you really have to see this robot to actually believe one can jump without direct commands. I find it amazing how fast this robot is able to calculate obstacles ahead, then, jump at the right time and the right height to go over the obstacle without crashing.

The current prototype could now clear obstacles up to 18 inches tall. Quite incredible for an autonomous machine!

Check out the video shared by MIT on YouTube here: