Thai Bride Sues Runaway Groom for Failure to Pay Dowry and $4K Wedding Expenses

A Thai bride who waited for her groom in front of the altar is now suing him for damages for not showing up on their wedding day. However, the groom who was her boyfriend for 6 years defended himself, saying he didn’t show up because he cannot afford to pay the dowry set by the family of his wife-to-be.

Boonyang Sawatdee, 26, and Arunee Jaengkrachang, 24, were set to get married last October 22 at the bride’s home village in Khao Din, Thailand Kabin Biri District. The day before their wedding, they met with the bride’s family to finalize their wedding preparations where everything went on smoothly. But when their wedding day came, the groom failed to show up on the agreed time; so, the bride and her relatives became worried and had a suspicion that something wrong was going on.

Photo: Bangkok Post

When the bride realized that Boonyang was running late for their wedding, she immediately called him and asked him where he was. He told Arunee that everything was fine and just asked that the ceremony be moved for a few more hours as he can’t make it on time. Arunee then agreed to his request; thus, instead of having their wedding at 6 am, it was moved to 9 am.

But a few more hours had passed and the groom did not arrive, so the angry Arunee tried to call him again but to her desperation, Boonyang was not answering her call and his family was also nowhere to be found.

Arunee’s family immediately went to Boonyang’s place in a nearby town of Sa Kaeo to get an explanation but Boonyang was not there, including his parents.

Later on, the bride’s family learned that the reason why Boonyang did not show up was that he cannot afford to pay the agreed dowry amounting to 200,000 Baht ($6,025) in cash and 5 baht weight of gold.

However, it wasn’t clear whether the groom did not have the courage to tell them that he isn’t capable of paying that much or he just needed some time to raise the money which he failed before their wedding.

After Arunee had realized that her husband-to-be will not be coming, she told the guests that the wedding was off. Shortly, she cried hard and almost fainted, feeling so embarrassed.

Photo: Tribun Style

Since Arunee’s family had paid over 100,000 baht ($3,018) for the wedding party and still owed the caterer 22,000 baht ($664) for the food, they contacted a lawyer and filed charges against Boonyang and his family for damages incurred.