Thai Lady Puts Up a Sign in Search of a Boyfriend

After her divorce from her German husband, 65-year-old Thai woman Sompong Chomphupraphet from Ubon Ratchathani’s Pibul Mangsahan district has become lonely. To ease her sorrow, she thought of putting up an ad to look for a potential boyfriend.

The sign, which she put on her house’s gate, states that a 65-year-old woman is in need of a boyfriend aged between 60-70 years old, a pensioner, good, sincere, and has a good health.

Image from The Nation/Asia News Networks

The Thai lady was once married to an Air Force officer, with whom she had two children with. However, Sompong’s first husband was quite a drinker and often fought with her so they soon filed for divorce and went on their separate ways.

After divorcing her first husband, she married a German national and stayed in Germany for 13 years. She returned to Thailand after they parted ways.

According to her, she put up the ad because she wanted to spend the remaining days of her life with someone.

Just recently, a photo of Sompong with a man surfaced on Facebook. It was previously reported that the man in the photo is Sompong’s ‘new boyfriend’. However, it was clarified that the man was just a fan and that the Thai lady seeking for a boyfriend is still single.