Thai Man Chooses to Starve Self so Wife Bitten by a Snake Can Have More Food to Survive

A man in Thailand is so poor that he didn’t have money to send his wife to the hospital after she was bitten by a snake; thus, she suffered from muscle atrophy and could no longer walk. Still, his love for her is so great that he cared for her and made sure she can eat well.

But because they were so poor and he couldn’t go to work as there was no one to take care of her if he goes away for a few hours, they had to resort to asking help from the neighbors.

Photo credit: Singapore Stomp

With that, they get only about 700 baht ($20) a month which the husband uses to buy their food. Since that is not enough to feed them both, he only prepares enough for one meal which he feeds her – then he just eats whatever was left over!

By choosing to starve himself, this dedicated husband hopes that it would give her a better chance of survival and that they could stretch whatever little money they receive so she will have food in the coming days.

Photo credit: Singapore Stomp

Their heartbreaking plight was made public by a concerned Facebook user, Worranan Sarasalin. People soon gathered donations and food to bring the couple so the old man wouldn’t have to starve himself for his wife to survive. After all, if he **** from starvation, then she would soon die, too!

Photo credit: Singapore Stomp

We previously vowed to walk this life together. My wife is the most important person in my life, and I will never abandon her,” the old man said. “I may not have a beautiful house or car, but I have dedicated my heart and soul to my wife, and will never go back on my word.

He added, “I believe my wife’s body will slowly recover. In life, you must always have hope.