Thai Man Jumps into Filthy Canal to Save Aging Stray Dog from Drowning

Everyone’s life is worth saving—even that of an aging dog. Someone from Bangkok, Thailand values the life of a dog that he even put his life on the line to save the animal.

A netizen who goes by his Facebook username ‘Tibet Nimitput’ uploaded photos and video of a man who did not hesitate to jump into the polluted Saen Saeb canal in Bangkok to rescue an aged stray dog.

According to his post, he was aboard a passenger shuttle boat traversing the canal when he saw a man on top of the bridge looking down on a man holding a dog. He said that because of its age, the dog must have slipped down the canal. Luckily, the man was quick and was able to rescue the dog from drowning. However, they cannot climb up the bridge, so the man and the dog were floating around the foul-smelling canal.

Image from Tibet Nimitput

He talked with the driver of the shuttle boat to stop and pick up the man and the dog so they could go to the docks. When they came near the pair, the ticket collector from the boat picked up the dog while the man said that he would climb up the docks through the nearby pole.

He praised the man for not hesitating to rescue an aging stray dog. He also thanked the boat driver and the ticket collector for their efforts to help both the man and the dog.

Tibet’s post has been shared more than 22,000 times and gained 56,000 reactions from the netizens.