Thai Man Undergoes Sex Change Surgery To Marry Male Partner in Lavish Wedding

Love is a wonderful feeling which enables lovers to do things which may seem difficult, to dream the impossible and to undergo even drastic changes just to make each other happy. For this couple with the same sex, when they found each other, they knew they found real love that one of them decided to undergo sex change just to seal their love in marriage.

Anurak Inno, 23, and Monchai Saentongsuk, 35, were both men who were very much in love with each other. They’ve met each other in a meat processing company. Five years later, Anurak underwent sex change surgery and married Monchai in a lavish wedding.

Photo: Khaosad

According to Anurak, she really enjoyed working with Monchai since the first time they’ve met at work. She then felt that Monchai understood her so she eventually fell in love with him. She then thought of a way so they can spend their happiest days together for the rest of their lives.

And since they have the same gender, she decided to undergo sex change to be able to marry him which made Monchai very happy. Aside from that, they were also able to prove that love knows no boundaries and that they could do anything to prove their love for each other.

Photo: Khaosad

Monchai presented  THB1 million (US$30,600) as a dowry to his bride, THB300,000 (US$9,100) in cash and the remainder were a gold necklace, a bracelet, and two wedding rings! On top of that, they had a massive Chinese feast with 150 tables at their banquet.

Photo: Khaosad

In Thailand, sex change surgeries are super common as they do not consider same-sex marriage as legal.  However, reports showed that there were still cases of same-sex couples who were getting married in recent years.