Thai Noodle Vendor Flaunts Gorgeous Body as Clever Marketing Strategy

Thailand has been known for their delicious noodles which keep tourists coming back in the country. With lots of stalls lined up almost anywhere, noodle vendors will have to come up with new delicious recipes or use a marketing strategy to attract more customers.

For this one Thai vendor, she had thought of flaunting her gorgeous body to attract more customers to buy her noodles. Her strategy seemed to be effective as apart from her delicious noodles, she has a pretty face, a beautiful body and actually looked like a celebrity.

Photo: screengrab Social Trends PH/YouTube

Recently, her video had been uploaded to social media. It immediately caught the attention of many Thai people and tourists who then eagerly sought her. Thanks to social media, she instantly gained new customers and in a matter of a few days, her video had gone viral and she became an internet sensation!

Photo: screengrab Social Trends PH/YouTube

In the viral video, the Thai vendor was wearing a fitted off-shoulder red dress which highlighted her beautiful body. However, while her customers were first attracted to her beautiful looks, it was also confirmed that her noodles really taste delicious as she personally prepares the food right before their eyes.

Photo: screengrab Social Trends PH/YouTube

For sure, her customers will keep coming back for more!

Great strategy at that!

Meanwhile, some netizens were thinking that her manner of dressing might also cause men to show disrespect to her.

What do you think of her strategy?  Will you also be willing to do the same just to attract more customers to patronize your business?