Thailand Chicken Remains Alive Several Days After Losing Its Head

Would you believe this? A chicken from Thailand has been hailed as a “true warrior” because it survived more than a week after being decapitated. It  is now under the care of monks who are feeding it, pumping food through its throat using a syringe.

The chicken made headlines earlier this week after photos and videos circulated on Thailand’s social media. No one can actually believe that it survived so long without a head.

Noppong Thitthammo, a Facebook user, was the first to share the story of this unbelievable bird, along with the photos of its neck. He also added that a vet in Mueang Ratchaburoi district of Ratchaburi Province had been caring for it, feeding it by dropping food down its neck and giving it antibiotics to prevent infection on its wounds.

Image: Oddity Central

The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it,” Supakadee Arun Thong, the vet who had adopted the headless bird, told Thai in an interview.

No one knows what happened to the chicken’s head although some people suspect it must have been attacked by an animal predator. Regardless of what had happened, everyone was amazed that not only did this bird refuse to die but it can also stand and walk around. Wow!

Some people think that this is just fake news and assumed that the photo was just photoshopped but after a video of the chicken circulated online, other reporters from other countries caught the story as well.

The chicken’s condition is apparently a rare cases of survival which is linked to their anatomy. A chicken’s brain is located in their skull at an angle, so if they are beheaded to high up the neck, the rear part of the brain that controls automatic functions like breathing can remain intact. So if this part is not destroyed, the bird can apparently survive even without a head.

Watch this video and be amazed