The 3D Tattoos are Amazing! Though I’m Scared of the Realistic Scorpions and Flesh Drawings…

Have you ever seen 3D tattoos that are so realistic you just had to take a closer look to check if these were real? Well, I have yet to see those in person but I found a video shared by YouTube user ourMillenium which featured some of the most incredible and mind-boggling tattoos the world has ever seen!

I really think these tattoos are incredible! The artists surely know their craft and have practiced it to perfection. However, some of the tattoos were disturbing or downright creepy. For example, the realistic scorpions and spiders seem to leap off the person’s body! I wouldn’t want to see those in person.

There were also those who chose creepy, flesh drawings on their skin! I bet a lot of people would be amazed by these incredible works of art; though these might look freaky in reality.

Watch this video to check out some of these amazing tattoos: