The 700-Day Challenge: 700-lb Man Loses Weight Without Surgery! Amazing

When morbidly obese Ronnie Brower was told by doctors that he would not live past age 35 if he continues to weigh 700 lbs, he took on an incredible journey that drastically changed his appearance and his life.

With the help of good friend Joe Bufano, Ronnie began a very long journey that would take him over 700 days to complete but with amazing results. A huge Taylor Swift fan, Ronnie began working out to her music – and the goal of attending her concert with high hopes of meeting her in person.

It is amazing what motivation can do to a human being. At 700 lbs, Ronnie could barely stand up and walk. Because he could not go out and head to a gym yet, Joe helped him out by letting him use a hand bike (I didn’t even know such an exercise machine existed!).

His progress was not as pronounced for the first few months because of his sheer mass but Ronnie worked hard. His transformation is amazing! By working out every day, he was able to shed off most of the 700 lbs he was carrying – and has achieved his ideal weight now!

Check out his very inspiring video here:

On a side note, though he and Joe went to the concert, he was not able to meet Taylor in person. Still, a lot of us are rooting for him and hoping Taylor would eventually find his video and arrange for a meeting.

Nevertheless, the weigh loss is amazing. Ronnie, you are incredible! Keep it up.