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The Adorable Faces of 14 Guilty Dogs Being ‘Scolded’ – Hilarious!

Dogs are man’s best friend but they can also be quite a handful around the house, especially when they act out their fantasies of ripping interesting things apart. Of course, it is not all the time that dogs do that but even the most obedient, house-trained of the lot could do something naughty from time to time.

Check out the following photos of 14 pooches, caught in the act of doing mischief around the house – but can you stay angry at such adorable guilty faces for long? Cuteness overload, definitely!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

This pup looks so adorable despite its definitely guilty face you just can’t stay mad at it for long, right? The road to obedience training may be quite long for this one, but at least it knows how to melt its owner’s heart with cute, long faces.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Someone stole some roasted chicken – and now has a very guilty face to prove it was him who did the crime. But if there was something else to eat around the house, would you have stayed angry with this repentant big guy?

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Uh-oh! I stole a sandwich but couldn’t bear to eat the treat now. Definitely deciding whether to gobble it all up to remove the evidence or return the uneaten snack. Decisions…Decisions…Decisions…

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Oops! I swear I thought it was a toy, not a pillow! Would I be punished? I can help put the pillow back together but you have to sew the pillowcase back first.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

This pup is guilty of something – just look at how it tries to hide in its cage,  projecting a long face. His crime? Still unknown but it must be something big!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Uh-oh! Caught ripping some stuff and the evidence lies at my feet. Hmmmm… change tactics: try to sit up as straight as possible so they wouldn’t think it was me who did it. Cool. I bet they don’t think it was me who did it! My mouth is too far away from the shredded piece, after all…

Photo credit: Viral Nova

The evidence is too strong on this one – he’s got lots of flour all over his face. We bet he’s also going to be sneezing for a long time. Definitely no punishment for this one. The prolonged sneezing is too big a punishment already!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Sorry, mommy…can’t resist the lure of the most interesting trash can in the planet. I swear it was beckoning for me to explore its corners. I didn’t mean to do it, really. Am I forgiven?

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Case: Another puppy, another long face, another broken object in the house. Verdict: Guilty as charged. Case closed.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Who started this? It definitely is the one with the guilty look while the other dog must have been the one who told the owner off!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

I believe you should know that the mailman somehow opened our mail and trashed it. He probably couldn’t fit the magazines inside the mailbox. Yes, it wasn’t me who did it!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

If you find your dogs with such guilty faces like these, you know there’s something really, really, really messy you’ll have to clean in the house. Now, all you have to do is find it. It won’t take long, that’s for sure!

Photo credit: Viral Nova

Another guilty dog right by the evidence  – but we bet he didn’t like the taste of dirt.

Photo credit: Viral Nova

…and the most epic picture of all: the dog who is definitely guilty (with evidence still stuck on his snout!) but not looking guilty at all, not even for one bit!

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