The Bride was About to Throw the Bouquet…But Actually has a Surprise in Mind

The bouquet toss is one of the highlights of the wedding wherein the bride would throw her bouquet to the single ladies – and the one who will catch it is supposedly going to be the next to get married. This is all symbolic, of course, and no one really believes this lady would surely be the next in line.

But there is one bride who chose to break the traditional bouquet toss by not throwing the flowers; instead, she turned around and handed it to her best friend. That was not the best, however, because a man swiftly moved into the group of ladies and kissed the bouquet recipient – and he proposed to her!

It is amazing how this sweet bride gave this couple, both her best friends, a chance to have a special moment during her own wedding. Most brides would not want someone to upstage them yet this bride willingly volunteered to take part of this awesome surprise.

Watch the lovely video here: