The Drone Fisherman: This Man’s Reaction to a Drone Catches Internet by Storm

While going fishing with some friends and other people at a pier in Pacific Beach, San Diego in California, one man got so angry with a drone breaking the silence, buzzing about capturing the scenic view, and invading their privacy.

Others would have let the drone fly away in peace while lamenting the perils of today’s technological advances yet this fisherman was something else. He swiftly ran after the drone and cast his fishing line, aiming at the device.

Would you believe he managed to snag the drone with that fishing line despite being several feet away? He did it with one cast – he is surely amazing at casting lines!

The owner of the drone was so pissed off with this fisherman that he posted the video on YouTube, thinking netizens will take his side and get mad at the man as well. The plan backfired, however, as more people actually admired the fisherman and turned the tides on the drone operator, telling him he was lucky they were not the ones who caught the drone as they would surely drown it or smash it to pieces instead of merely letting it go.

What do you think? Check out this video: