The Lights Went Out in this Grocery Store…But the Customers Loved it!

While shopping, how would you feel if the lights went out? Well, you probably know it would come back again in a few seconds when the generator starts up, so you would not really mind.

But in one grocery store, what happened after the lights went out was quite different. The customers actually enjoyed the moment the lights went out!

Well, the lights did not immediately go out. At first, the cashiers were simply swiping items on the register but the shoppers were surprised to hear how the seemingly innocent scanning sounded like “Jingle Bells”.

It was then that the lights turned out and the customers were in for a treat: a surprise show of “Jingle Bells”, courtesy of the store and its awesome cashiers. The counters were also equipped with colorful lights which flashed to the beat of the song.

Hidden cameras installed across the counters captured the smiles of the customers who were delighted by the show.

Watch the performance here: