The Mysteries of the 7-Story Mansion With Ghosts, 160 Rooms and Stairs that Lead to Nowhere!

The 7-story mansion located at San Jose, California, belonged to Sarah Winchester, widow of William Wirt Winchester.  With 160 rooms, the Victorian-inspired house is one of the world’s most strangest structures.

Photo : Wayne Taylor/Flickr

It is said that it’s interiors were enshroud in mystery with many architectural weirdness, including stairs which lead to nowhere or ceilings or doors that lead to chimneys, steep drops and many others.

Photo: Wayne Taylor/Flickr

But how did Sarah acquire this property?

According to history, when Winchester died in 1881, Sarah was left with a huge amount of money.  More than $20 million and 59% part in Winchester’s gun company, giving her approximately $1,000 per day.

Considering it was a big amount of money, Sarah was not happy living in their old house. In fact, she also lost her infant daughter 15 years before William died.

Losing them both became even more painful for her to bear.  Having a hard time to recover,  Sarah consulted a psychic medium and interpreted that the deaths of William and their daughter were a result of being haunted by ghosts of people who died because of the ripples that were manufactured by William’s company.

So Sarah left their house in New Haven, Connecticut and bought this mansion in San Jose, California.  She never consulted an architecture or didn’t have a master plan at all for its construction.

Sarah didn’t stop constructing the house and she kept herself busy with it to overcome her sadness.  As a result, the house was filled with doors and stairs that lead to nowhere and many strange and eccentric architectural designs.

Photo: Wayne Taylor/Flickr

Theories say that Sarah intended this as a way to confuse and trap the ghosts.

The mansion was under construction for the entire 38 years until the ***** of Sarah while sleeping on September 5, 1922.

A total of $5.5 Million was spent for the construction of this mansion, now known as the “Mystery House.”

Can you imagine yourself inside this house?

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