The Neighbors Laughed When He Built a Dam Around His House… But He Had the Last Laugh as His was the Only House that Survived the Flood!

With the government issuing mandatory evacuation to everyone in the area, Randy Wagner of Rosharon, Texas, didn’t take heed and pack up as instructed. Instead, he immediately researched on what he could do to save his home from the incoming flood.

After all, he didn’t want to evacuate from his house and spend days, even weeks in some strange place or evacuation center. Moreover, their problems won’t stop there because once the flood subsides, they would have to clean up and fix their homes – and according to his estimations, that could cost as much as $150,000!

He found a start-up company selling what they call as the “Aqua Dam” which is network of watertight, woven polypropylene tubes that must be filled with water to create a dam around the property. Due to its versatile material, the dam can take the shape of the land while the weight of the water creates a natural seal that holds it in place, preventing leaks.

Seeing that this could be the only immediate solution to his problem, Wagner gave it a shot. He drove all the way to Louisiana to buy the tubes – and spent $8,300 on this Aqua Dam alone.

Then, he and two friends spent hours to fill the tubes up with water. Yeah, right. They are about to keep water out of the property, by putting water inside the dams – ironic, right? Well, this irony is backed with science and as we would later learn, it worked!

While he was setting up the dam, folks who had been evacuating the area shook their heads and laughed at him as they passed by but when the flood finally came, he actually had the last laugh because he and his family didn’t have to leave the comforts of their home.

Indeed, $8,300 is a big investment on that dam but it saved Wagner from having to shell out $150,000 in repairs and renovations!