The OFW Song: This Filipino Guy is Going to the US…Here’s What His Entire Village Has to Say

After receiving news from him immigration lawyer that his visa got approved and that he is OK to work in a hotel in Chicago, USA, one would-be Filipino Overseas Worker (OFW) takes one last look at life in the Philippines before he leaves for the new country.

He spreads the good news to the people in his village where, as most Filipino villages go, everyone appears to know him and celebrate his success. Even the people at the market send their congratulations his way.

But not everyone is cheering him on his newfound success because there are those who were indifferent about it or those who fear for the worst. For example, his mom did not really find the news exciting while his dad gave him some words of wisdom as to how he would live his life in this foreign world.

The video about this would-be OFW is actually a parody by Filipino Canadian artist Mikey Bustos. It is a music video made in parody of “Belle: Little Town” from Beauty and the Beast but with Filipino characters.

Enjoy this awesome clip: