The Other Boys Bullied Him for Liking the Flamenco Dance… But Dad Intervenes in the Most Unlikely Way

A young boy was being bullied by the neighborhood boys because he would rather dance flamenco than play with them and be ‘one of the boys’. At home, his dad caught him watching flamenco on his phone. This appeared to anger his father who brought him a judo uniform, quite possibly to ‘man him up’.

The boy struggled in martial arts school and was constantly beaten by the other boys until he began to improve. Each step of the way, dad was always there to watch. He never said a thing yet he would cringe at every blow the boy received and cheered when the young lad began to improve his skills.

As the boy earned belt after belt, dad continued to cheer on his son. When he finally won in a competition, dad had a special surprise for him – and it was something no one expected: a flamenco costume!

Watch the surprise unfold here:

But why did dad bring the boy to martial arts school if he actually supported his flamenco choices the first time around? Well, it had something to do with ‘dad insurance’ – that dad wanted him to be tough enough so he could be fearless in living his dreams. Isn’t this wonderful?

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SF Globe

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