The Power of Effort: This Man Digs a Well for 40 Days after His Wife and Family were Denied Water

Water is a necessity for everyday life. But in some parts of the world, the water is so scarce that people have little or no access to it at all. And when you or your loved ones have no access to this basic necessity, you will surely do anything to provide them with water to drink and use for everyday activities, even if it means digging for many, many days.

This is what happened to an Indian man who dug a well for 40 days, after his wife and family were denied access to water to a community well by upper caste villagers. In March, a daily wage laborer from  a village in the state of Maharashtra in central India spent his days raising his ax and then bringing it down, even under the heat of the scorching heat of the sun, digging for six hours a day, over and over, looking for a source of water that he and his family (and also their village) can use. He told the reporters, “I just wanted to provide water for my whole locality so that we Dalits did not have to beg for water from other castes.

After days and days of digging, his hard work paid off, as he discovered ground water, surprising everyone in his community as well as family, who had called him as crazy on his first days of digging.

Thanks to Taine’s hard work and perseverance, the 15-foot deep well now provides water to Tajne’s entire community. After being lauded by the local authorities and his neighbours, Tajne is now back to work to deepen and widen the well even further.

Photo credits: Every Life Counts
Photo credits: Every Life Counts
Photo credits: Every Life Counts
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