The Power of Makeup is Totally AMAZING: Watch This Awesome Korean Girl Transform Herself into Taylor Swift!

You have to take a second look at her to know that it’s not really Taylor Swift in the final picture. One of South Korea’s most famous beauty guru, Hye-Min Park who is also known as ‘Pony‘, just released a video proving just how magical and wonderful the power of make up can do.

The said YouTube video which has gone viral over the last few days shows her as she turns herself into none other than, Taylor Swift! It has already 5.3 million views and still counting since it was posted last March 21.

Getting the look is not that easy – it took an impressive 24 cosmetic products! But the result is totally impressive! From contouring, shading, contacts, eye-liner, and even the signature lipstick (you know, the classic red lip thing that you like) was used to transform into the world-famous sensation Grammy award-winning singer, Taylor Swift!

Want to know the final result and see for yourself whether or not the makeup transformation was a yay or nay? Hit the play button below and see for yourself! Leave us your comments below and tell us whether Pony did a great job.

For us, you did great! Two thumbs up!

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