The Queen of England Drives Grandson’s Wife to Picnic Lunch

She’s the Queen of England and could very well ask anyone to drive for her yet 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth proved that not only was she in the best of health even for a near-centenarian, she’s also quite humble enough to drive for Kate Middleton, who happens to be the wife of her grandson Prince William.

In photos that had since gone viral on social media, the Queen could be seen confidently behind the wheel of a Range Rover while the Duchess of Cambridge was smiling as she took in the sights around the Balmoral Castle, the Scottish holiday home to the Royal Family.

Photo credit: PETER JOLLY/NORTHPIX - Telegraph UK
Photo credit: PETER JOLLY/NORTHPIX – Telegraph UK

Queen Elizabeth and Kate were on their way to a picnic lunch, meeting up with Prince William who had earlier gone out on a hunting trip at the estate grounds.

Isn’t amazing how the 90-year-old Queen of England would readily drive her grandson’s wife to a picnic lunch? In many places or with everyone else, it would have surely been the other way around!

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