The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge “Iron Man” Edition Looks Awesome…I Want One!

As an avid superhero fan, I am as excited as many others for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge “Iron Man” Edition. This special edition comes with sleek features that center around the Iron Man theme.

You get a phone that is packed with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s awesome features and upgraded to Tony Stark’s specifications. A gold Iron Man logo is set at the middle of the phone’s back cover while the front is graced by a large Avengers wallpaper featuring the Iron Man, of course.

It is easy to fall in love with the unit’s arc reactor wireless charging pad and many other built-in features making use of the Iron Man theme. The phone even comes in a limited edition Avengers box.

Photo credit: mobiledista
Photo credit: mobiledista

As RachFeed points out, everything about this phone screams “Iron Man” and superhero fans are bound to wish they could get their hands on this awesome gadget.

However, if you live outside South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, then there is very little chance you could ever enjoy this cool phone. Samsung’s announcement, sadly, also reveals that this limited edition phone is only for sale in these countries – and the earliest release date is May 27 for South Korea.

If you miss the first release, there’s still a chance you can catch the ones in China and Hong Kong sometime in June but fans are bound to come in droves and we expect the queues to be quite long for this one.

Feast your eyes on this cool gadget in this unboxing video shared by Samsung Mobile: