The Story of a Soldier, Three Dogs He Befriended at the War Zone, and a Suicide Bomber

One soldier stationed in Afghanistan, millions of miles away from home, befriended three dogs in the locality. For Sgt. Chris Duke, these dogs became his way of escaping homesickness and the terrors of war before him. Little did he know that his friendship with these animals would save his life.

One night, a suicide bomber stealthily crept into their barracks. This man could have succeeded in killing the 50 soldiers, including Duke, if the three dogs did not bark loudly and begin biting the man. The suicide bomber detonated his bombs where the dogs attacked him, injuring the canines but not hurting even one soldier.

One of the dogs had to be put down while the two others were miraculously nursed back to health. Feeling that he owes his life to the dogs, Duke petitioned for them to be brought to the US to be his pets after his tour of duty ended. Over $21,000 was raised in donations for the dogs – and one of them, Rufus, is now with Duke and his family.

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