The Wedding Surprise was Awesome…And the Officiating Minister Rocks!

Nick Mundy’s day began at a rather negative note – his team was rejected at a business meeting and he was really feeling down. What made matters worse is that he had to wear silly pants for that meeting, only for their proposal to be turned down.

The day was surely one of the most frustrating in his life – and it irked him that the crew was still filming even after the interview was done! It was like rubbing salt on his wounds! I would surely be as angry as him, if I were on his shoes…

On their way out of the building, the crew told him to stand by a pair of double doors for one last shot when it opened and his long-time friend, Hollywood Star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came out. The two exchanged a hug and the bewildered Nick was taken inside where an incredible surprise awaits: his wedding!

But what was even more amazing about this was that not only was everything arranged by The Rock, he was also officiating the event! Nope – this is not a prank or a movie trailer but something that was real! The Rock really got a license to officiate a marriage so he could marry off his best friend! Incredible, isn’t it?

Check out the heartwarming video here: