Their Wedding Cake was Very Simple until Someone Turned on the Lights…Incredible!

During wedding receptions, the cake is often the focal point; thus, couples getting married often choose the most elaborate cakes to celebrate the wedding.

There’s one couple who chose the simplest 5-tiered design but it turns out to be one of the grandest and most amazing cakes I have ever seen in my life. Perhaps the most tell-tale sign that this was going to be amazing is the castle figure at the top; though one might wonder why the bride and groom chose that at first glance.

Then, when the projector lights were turned on, something truly amazing happened: Disney characters appeared and weaved across the cake. Tinkerbell repeatedly sprinkled pixie dust on the cake to create stunning swirls and lots of other creative effects. It was truly magical!

This would surely become a new trend in cakes – not just in weddings but also in other special occasions, such as debuts.

Check out the cool video here by Inside the Magic on YouTube: