There’s a New Trend in Landscaping: Fish Towers! And They’re Actually Easy to Install…

Yards truly look prettier with lush foliage and a water feature – but don’t settle with the usual fountain or pond because there’s now a new trend in landscaping called fish towers.

Set within a pond (can be natural or man-made), the fish tower is actually just a piece of tall aquarium inverted over the water but with legs that allow fish and other water creatures to swim in and out without hitch.

Check this out:

Now, you might be quite curious as to how this effect is achieved. Well, while it looks mighty difficult to create, the fish tower is actually very easy to make. All you have to do is to create a sturdy, water-sealed tank and place it over stilts (or legs) in the water. Use a vacuum to fill the fish tower with water.

…and wait for the fish to come exploring!

Check this DIY video: