These 10 Movies Actually Predicted the Future… Incredible!

There are a lot of movies that paint a wonderful story about the future, the future with high-tech gadgets and incredible stuff. In this future, people can fly, can easily go back in time or visit the future, and lots of great stuff that seem too amazing to be true.

Well, it is quite incredible that a number of these movies have actually gotten the future right! For example, “Back to the Future” is a favorite futuristic movie. Indeed, this movie had gotten a number of “future” gadgets right. For example, we use 3D holograms, we can communicate on video calls with others via the TV (smart TVs) or computer, and other cool stuff.

But future predictions do not stop with “Back to the Future”. There are many movies that imagined a future world, only for these to come true! Of course, we are still far from the technologies often mentioned in the movies, such as having flying cars and time machines yet we’re getting there…

Check out these 10 movies that actually predicted the future: