These 13 Strangest Things Found at the Bottom of the Ocean are Quite Cool… But Some are Creepy!

Even with our advanced technology, humans still failed to explore every inch of the ocean floor; yet there have been a lot of strange and mysterious things that have been discovered in parts of the world’s oceans – but while some of them are actually quite cool, many are also creepy!

Take for example these 13 strangest things found at the bottom of the ocean as shared by Hectic Express on YouTube. Some of these are man-made while others are sea creatures and naturally occurring formations.

We could easily see that some are quite cool (such as the Antikythera mechanism now being considered as the world’s oldest analog computer capable of accurately predicting various astronomical events) there are also creepy ones (such as the underwater sculptures as well as the angler fish).

Check out the strange things on this list and tell us whether you’ve also found other strange stuff from the ocean floor:

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