These are the Youngest Parents in the World…One of Them is Just 5 ½ Years Old!

Parenthood is a blessing – and no child should ever have to feel that he or she is a mistake, even if his/her parents might not be together because they were too young to take responsibility or for some other reason.

We feel that the children of the parents in this list must have felt some of the stigma brought by the fact that they were born to some of the youngest parents in the world.

Of course, being so young and just kids themselves, these young parents would encounter a lot of problems in raising their children in all aspects: physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially!

Still, I can see a lot of positive things happening here – like these parents becoming young grandmas and grandpas even when their kids have their own children when they will be over 20 years old. It would surely be fun for these young grandparents to spend time with their grandkids since they are not yet too old for sporty activities or other active events.

Check out these very young parents in this video:

The saddest case is that of Lina Medina who was just 5 ½ years old when she gave birth, making her the youngest mother in the world – and she was believed to be a victim of rape.

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