These Babies Were Born Just Minutes Apart…And Have a Cool Secret to Share

Babies are quite adorable and cute – everyone surely loves them. However, people can be judgmental at times.

Now, take a look at this picture. These babies were born just minutes apart from each other. Would you believe they are twins?

twins - Copy
Photo credit: ABC News


Well, if you look at the color of their skins, it would be puzzling to even think they are siblings – more so if they are twins. The fact is, they really are twins! This genetic combination is quite rare but if you look at the parents, you will find the answer because their father is black and their mother is white.

There’s just one big problem with society. We do not easily accept things that are not conventional. Sadly, most people do not believe these adorable kids are babies of the same parents. The worst case is when the kids were called “mutts” after a person learned they are twins.

Watch this video to meet these adorable twins: