These Crazy Kids Jumped into the Dangerous, Unpredictable Waters of Queen’s Bath…

Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit where there are also lots of dangerous spots which should be avoided if you don’t want to risk your life.

On the island of Kauaʻi, there exists a sinkhole which has become a unique tidal pool: Queen’s Bath. During summer months, the waters in and around the pool are calm during a small surf or low tide. For the rest of the year, this pool is very dangerous – with unpredictable surfs that could go from very calm to very dangerous in a few seconds!

In the video below, three kids were having fun in the calm waters of Queen’s Bath when the situation quickly turned rough. The three were forced to swim hard as the strong waves pulled them to the ocean!

The large, jagged rocks around the pool make the situation even more dangerous. Onlookers, including the one filming the video, watched helplessly as the boys struggled to stay afloat and move to the rocks to go back to shore.

Watch the heart-stopping video here: