These Filipino Mythical Creatures are Scary…and Funny???

Trust Mikey Bustos to make something scary become something funny. In his latest video featuring Filipino mythical creatures, this Canadian-born Filipino guy who also goes by the name “Pinoy Boy” was given a “third eye”.

Using this third eye, he was able to see the mythical creatures lurking in the forest. Philippine mythology has a rich array of these mythical creatures as they come in various shapes and sizes. These creatures are truly scary – well, back when I was a kid they were, anyway, but Mikey has found a way to make us all laugh with his antics.

The rap is cool and the lyrics educational, that is if you want to learn about Philippine folklore. The video gained over 1.1 million views on Facebook within a day after Mikey uploaded it on his page; though the YouTube version below does not have a lot of views yet.

Watch the video and tell us which of the mythical creatures is the scariest when you were a kid (mine was definitely the manananggal!):