These Guys Were Just Attending a Stag Party But Ended Up as Heroes and Became Instant ‘Dads’!

Stag parties can be wild, wild, wild! More often than not, there’s drinking and things that the partygoers would rather keep to themselves – and there could be some women involved, including some sexy dancers perhaps.

But in one stag party happening in a cabin in the woods of Vicksburg, Michigan, groom-to-be Mitchell Craddock was celebrating his last days of ‘freedom’ with his friends when a special female visitor showed up at the front door: a dog!

Photo credit: TREVOR JENNINGS / The Dodo
Photo credit: TREVOR JENNINGS / The Dodo

She arrived on the first morning that the guys spent at the cabin. They were cooking bacon at the time. Seeing that she looked really thin and in rough shape, they fed her – and she ate every crumb of whatever they gave her; then, to their amazement, she drank bowl after bowl of water!

They soon realized that this is a mommy dog and that she’s really hungry and thirsty from feeding her babies – and who knows when she had last eaten a full meal?

Afterwards, the guys went for some errands to town and the dog left, too. But when they got back, she was already there waiting for them. Each time they got out to enjoy their week-long stay, she’s there when they return.

After realizing that she seems very protective of one spot in the woods, they decided to follow her. There, they found her seven puppies; one of the guys had to crawl to the spot to retrieve all the pups.

Back at the cabin, the guys turned their suitcases into a makeshift bed for the pups but made sure to bathe them all as they were so dirty from having stayed in the ground for days. They also had a lot of fleas.

The groom revealed that they had pooled a lot of money for food, beer, and having fun for the week-long stag party but by the third day they all agreed to turn their beer fund into puppy food fund!

Photo credit: TREVOR JENNINGS / The Dodo
Photo credit: TREVOR JENNINGS / The Dodo

By then, everyone has fallen in love with their special female and her cute babies! There’s no reason now to put them back in the woods, right? The most amazing thing happened then – they all decided to adopt one puppy each! Even the mommy dog got adopted, too.

According to Craddock’s friend Trevor Jennings, “We all live within about a 5-mile radius of each other and hang out most weekends. We typically bring the dogs along with us so they still see each other.

The guys went to that stag party with booze and a week of fun on their minds but went home as instant ‘dads’ and endless moments of fun with their new pups! Isn’t that so beautiful?

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The Dodo

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