These Horrific Animal Attacks Will Make You Glad There’s Glass at the Zoo

There are animals that are natural predators – and they could attack people in certain circumstances, especially vulnerable small kids they believe are easy meals to take. Thankfully, most wild animals stay in the wild and people stay away from these creatures.

In the zoo, however, there are plenty of wild animals who continue to retain their wild animal instincts even when they are somewhat domesticated already. Thus, there are many instances when these animals launch a full attack. Thankfully, most of these attacks are prevented by the thick glass that separates them from the human viewers but what would have happened if the glass was not there? I dare not try to imagine the resulting scenario…

Watch the video created and shared by HD-World, showing some fierce animal attacks which were only prevented by the glass between the fearsome predator and its helpless prey. Thank God for that glass barrier!

Check this out: