These Kind People Helped a 5-Day-Old Elephant Trapped in the Muddy Pond

Baby animals are not as helpless compared with human babies but there are still moments when they need a little help from their moms or, sometimes, from humans.

Take this 5-day-old baby elephant trapped in a muddy pool at the Amobiseli National Park in Kajiado County, Kenya. The mother must have done everything to get it out of the pond, to no avail. Thankfully, workers at the reserve discovered the distressed baby and quickly formed a team to rescue the calf from the pond.

First, someone drove the mother away from the pond to make sure she does not interfere with the job or trample the rescue workers.

Then, rescuers jumped into the pond and used a belt-like rope to pull the animal up the pond. Though it looked quite small, it took a total of 7 people to fully take it out of the muddy water. The mother was then allowed to run back to the baby – and what a sweet reunion it was! The mother even appeared to thank the rescuers at the end of the clip. So sweet.

Watch the rescue efforts here: