These Realistic “Food Beds” are Sure to Make You Dream of Food!

Beds are made for your utmost comfort but what if the beds are printed with realistic images that would surely make you go hungry, would you still buy them? Well, I certainly would!

Just take a look at this series of photos shared on Facebook by Malaysian actor/host Fizo Omar. The photos showed beds of varying sizes, printed with various food sets. What makes the beds even more visually (and gastronomically!) appealing is that they also came with pillows that are shaped and printed like food!

I wonder whether the people who sleep on these beds will be constantly dreaming about food the entire night…

What do you think of these delicious beds? If you have kids at home, it might not be a wise idea to buy these as the sheets could end up in their tummies! LOL

CADAR BERCORAK MAKANAN ..tak tahu lah nak kata lawa atau tidak , tapi sememangnya sangat unik corak macam ini , bagi…

Posted by Fizo Omar on Monday, November 30, 2015

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