These Selfie Sticks Aren’t Just For Our Usual Selfies — But for Self Defense, Too!

We are all too familiar with selfie sticks nowadays, right? Although selfie sticks may not have been designed as a weapon, there’s this certain sports combat center in Moscow that has come up with a way to use a selfie stick, which is commonly used by camera owners to take pictures of themselves from afar, as a martial art technique. Instructors are teaching people (especially those who are fond of using this photography tool) to use their selfie sticks to get away from attackers and self-defense purposes.

The act of flaunting a high-end and expensive smartphone on the end of a stick can be dangerous, because it can catch the eye of potential snatchers and robbers, turning people into a target for robbery; that’s why it is important to learn simple techniques of fighting back.

Watch the video below and see for yourself how these selfie sticks can turn into a tool for your safety!