These Teenagers Took Over the Hotel Pool and Left Guests in Awe!

A big bunch of teenagers and a small hotel pool do not often jive, with adults expecting trouble to be brewing when these youngsters take over the space. However, when the teenagers from Stillwater Area High School Concert Choir took over the hotel pool with a wonderful version of F. Melius Christiansen’s “O Day Full of Grace”, the adults were in awe of the youngsters for they made wonderful music that gave them goose bumps.

It is wonderful how music can become a tool to keep these kids from getting into trouble and for them to find fun as they are growing up. The hotel guests were lucky to hear such a rare treat from a bunch of teenagers whose golden voices are so wonderful to listen to.

They were on tour in Ames, Iowa when this video was taken. You’ll surely love their beautiful performance. Watch them on video here: