These Teens Showed Up to Prom Clad in Perfectly-Coordinated Superhero Outfits!

Remember what people say about prom? It’s the high school experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life so you have to make each moment count while you’re in it. An important part of the prom is of course, what you wear. Just imagine telling your kids and/or grandkids you went to prom dressed as Batman/Superman/Captain America.

But in every event, there will always be one person that will outshine the rest. Or in this case, an entire group of teens who outdid everyone at their high school prom. They invaded their special occasion wearing something BIG, something out-of-this-world-awesome. And by this, I mean, they went to prom wearing SUPERHERO attires!

A group of teens from Subiaco Academy in Arkansas is trending lately and made a big impression online after a photo of them dressed in perfectly-coordinated superheroes appeared on Facebook. Photographer Johnny Bolinger of BN Focus Photography took the photo of these students. He said the shoot started out pretty normal, but then the teens said they had a surprise.

Look at the surprise:

Photo credit: Facebook


Photo credit: Facebook

What a creative group of teens! Would you also go to prom wearing these? Or do you have other cool ideas that you might want to share with us? Share your thoughts with us by dropping your comments below!

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