These Underwater Buildings are Absolutely Awesome! I Wish I Could Buy #7

Humans have always been fascinated by what is under the sea and the unexpected wonders one can find at the bottom of the ocean – and we also enjoy swimming or simply marveling at the view. These are among the reasons why a number of underwater buildings have become popular to the world.

For example, by investing around $10 million, you can have your own 2-story underwater home! If that is too expensive for you but you wish to try how it is to sleep underwater, there are a number of vacation homes and hotels that already offer this feature. You could also opt to just dine in a glass-enclosed room under the water for an aquarium-like dining experience.

Yes! There really are plenty of fun things to do underwater without you getting wet in the water.

I would love to buy the H2OME but I guess that will only remain as a dream since I don’t have $10 million lying around. But I sure would save up for a chance to dine at any of the underwater restaurants in this list or sleep in the underwater hotels.

What about you? Check out this video to find out more about these underwater structures (some are not functional, though):