They Bought This Old Bowl for $3… And it Turned Out to be a Treasure Worth $2.25 Million!

At a garage sale back in 2007, a family brought a number of good stuff at a bargain, including an old white bowl which was for sale for just $3. Because the bowl did not really come with a pair, it was soon forgotten and left in the cabinet to collect dust.

After so many years, one family member took a look at the bowl and saw its beautiful, intricate designs of flowers etched on the surface. Research on the bowl’s origin pointed to it being a piece of the set of bowls created back in the Ding Dynasty of China!

Photo credit: Viral News Mag
Photo credit: Viral News Mag

The family soon discovered that the bowl they had in their possession was so rare that it was the only bowl outside its twin which was on display at the British Museum in London!

They decided to sell the bowl in an auction – and were very pleasantly surprised when it fetched a staggering amount of $2,225,000 as the final price! Wow! What a large sum of money for a bowl they bought for just $3!

Hmmmmm. I think I’d go around yard sales today… Maybe I can find another bowl identical to this one! LOL.

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