They Challenged a Nerd Guy to a Dance Off…But were Shocked by His Moves

Never judge a book by its cover – we are always told that yet we tend to forget, anyway.

When a group of teens were having fun in what appears to be a prom or some sort of party, they challenged a nerdy looking guy (who wears glasses like a typical nerd, of course) to a dance off. The popular kids were dancing around and urged him to move forward to the space they created at the center.

Little did they know that this kid may look nerdy but he has some really awesome dance moves. The crowd was soon cheering for him. The nerd guy stole the dance floor from the popular guys but they were soon hugging him, in awe and to congratulate him for the rather unusual but amazing moves he did!

I guess this guy is going to be one of the most popular guys in school from now on.

Watch his cool moves here: