They Didn’t Expect the Garbage Man To Do This. So Touching…

The garbage man is one of our community helpers. He does one of the dirtiest jobs that need to be done. Certainly, not too many people would willingly become a garbage man, especially those who are not dedicated to the environment and various causes.

YouTube user Joshua Byrne shared a video about the garbage man in their neighborhood. The garbage collector does not pass by the route daily but each time he passes by Joshua’s house, the man would alight from the truck to spend around 2 minutes of his time playing with Joshua’s golden retriever, Shelby.

Those are but short minutes yet it touched Joshua that this man would take time off his day to have fun with the dog. It is so touching. If only more people would care for pets – even those that aren’t theirs – the world will surely become a better place.

Watch the touching moment here: