They Dropped a Ball Down the Dam But I Didn’t Expect It to Act This Way…

If you drop a ball down a vertical place like a dam, what do you think would happen? Well, the answer lies on how you drop the ball.

Dropping the ball in a regular manner (no spin, no tricks whatsoever) makes it fall down in a straight position down the dam. But it gets interesting once you add a little spin to the ball. For instead of going straight down as you would have expected, the ball could “fly” and go in directions you would never believe unless you see it in person!

Don’t worry, though; this is not a camera trick as science actually has the perfect explanation as to why the ball flew: Magnus Effect! Although this is not very familiar to many of us, the trick is actually used in a number of applications, including cylinder-powered boats and in sports, such as soccer.

Check out this amazing science experiment here: