They Gave Her a Real Egg but Nothing Prepared Them for What She Did Next…

Do you let your kids play in the kitchen or, at least, pretend to play with stuff in the kitchen?

Many parents will tell you how it is actually great to simply let your kids join in with tasks in the kitchen and around the house because it teaches them to become helpful. By allowing them to help, they would learn to do these tasks and you won’t have trouble with chores as the kids grow older.

Now, the parents in the video we share below have allowed their lovely daughter to play with real stuff from the kitchen. She said she would bake some cookies – who could resist such an adorable request?

Photo credit: Tony Quarella/YouTube
Photo credit: Tony Quarella/YouTube

However, she was not content with just donning on a chef’s costume and playing with the chocolate chips. She really wants to bake the cookies, so she wants an egg…and daddy relented. The next moments were quite surprising. You’ll never expect this kid could do this!