They get Stopped for a Traffic Violation…but Were in for a BIG Surprise!

After incurring traffic violations, some people in the City of Lowell were asked by the cops to stop. While chatting about the holiday season and how stressful it has become for them now that Christmas is fast approaching, Officer Scot VanSolkema also managed to ask them about their wish for Christmas.

They readily told the officer about their Christmas wishes – most of which are for their kids; though some were also for themselves.

What they did not know is that they were in for a big surprise. Right at the moment they were talking with the policeman, Santa’s elves were readily to shop at a nearby store for the item they were wishing for.

These ‘elves’ delivered the wrapped package to the police van at the back. Under the guise of getting something from the car, the officer goes there but brings back the gift instead of a ticket!

Watch how these drivers reacted: