They Placed a Blind Boy in Front of the Piano…

Aside from being born without eyes, Patrick Henry Hughes was also born with deformities that ensured his limbs did not grow correctly. This left him unable to walk, though he still had the ability to use his hands.

When he was born, his parents despaired over their lost dreams; yet they persevered. They nurtured him and cared for his well-being. Putting him up for adoption, placing him in an orphanage, and other options were ignored. They truly wanted to make Patrick a huge part of their lives, despite his disabilities.

By the time he could sit upright, they placed him in front of the piano. The result was amazing! He apparently had an ear for music. Whatever they teach him to play, he could easily reproduce by himself – and imagine he was still less than 1 year old at that!

By age 2, his eyesight and limbs made no improvement but his musical ability increased. By then, he was able to play requests.

His family realized they do not have to dream other dreams for him, no longer imagine how he would have been a superb athlete because his gift was different.

They encouraged the young boy to pursue his dreams…How far did he do to fulfill his dreams? You’ll be amazed once you hear about them…

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