They Pulled An Injured Wolf Out Of The Water. But The Reason Behind the Injuries Will Shock You

When a severely injured wolf was pulled out of icy waters, his rescuers found him almost ready to give up: he was clearly malnourished, paralyzed, and in a state of extreme hypothermia. His rescuers thought that they had arrived too late, because it is not breathing and its heart stopped beating. But they didn’t give up, and thankfully after minutes of CPR, it worked.

After applying first aid and providing him warmth, they immediately brought him to a clinic where he spent the first days of Intensive Care at the Monte Adone Rescue Centre. The wounds of the wolf shocked the vets as soon as they began diagnosing his condition. They discovered that his body was riddled with lead pellets, possibly because the poor animal had been shot a couple of times.

Thankfully, it recovered after two weeks of round-the-clock intensive care. Lots of thanks to his loving and caring rescuers.

Watch his heartwarming story below.

Thumbs up to his rescuers and to all people out there who actually goes an additional mile to help animals in need.