They Started Out Shyly…But I Got Goosebumps When They Began to Sing

Siblings Nathan and Eva Leach are shy yet it is clear in this video that they are both very talented musicians. Both have awesome singing voices while Nathan also has excellent guitar skills.

While having fun during a jamming session one day, the pair started out shyly as they sang “Hero” by Family Of The Year. This may not be your typical song but the pair chose the perfect song because this was able to show just how awesome their combination can be.

Their voices blended wonderfully. They soon let go of their inhibitions to sing a soulful rendition of the song.

We hope these talented siblings would go on to produce more of these songs. In fact, we hope they will be discovered on a reality show or by some talent agent so they can share more of these beautiful music to the rest of the world.

Watch the lovely video here: