They Taught Their Dog Lots of Tricks but there was Something Charlie Learned on His Own

As many dog owners already know, it really is just easy to teach dogs how to do tricks as long as you have the patience to do it.

The family in this video taught their dog, Charlie, a lot of tricks. These tricks made him an excellent companion and “nanny” to their daughter, Laura Olivia. This made me think of Nana, the dog in Peter Pan; though Charlie is a beagle.

Anyway, though the family taught Charlie lots of tricks, there was something he learned by himself…and it will make your heart melt.

Now, this makes me want to buy a beagle for my kids. Charlie is simply adorable. It would be fantastic for the kids to grow up with such a loving companion. Surely, Laura Olivia will always have someone to love her unconditionally: her parents and Charlie.

Watch the adorable video here: